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There are people who have talent and others who have the talent to find those who have it. Today’s guest is Hayley Littman, president of the Littman Talent Group, a talent agency that finds talent and represents actors. Actors seek to find something that stands out in themselves to differentiate from others. Therefore, Hayley’s talent is helping the client build their casting image so that when they enter the CD office there is no doubt that this is the boy or girl they are looking for. Hayley is different from the competitors because she takes the time to speak and connect with each of her clients on a deeper level. She is constantly requested in her business because she treats actors like humans, something that is often forgotten in the entertainment industry.


  • Hayley tells the importance of being yourself and bringing out that “something” that is unique to you, and how she helps her clients find that.
  • She says what’s the most repeated advice she gives to inexperienced actors; training to connect with the material.
  • The ideal actor-agent relationship; trust, care and consideration.
  • New scenarios that arise due to COVID.
  • Hayley explains how she’s trying to tear down the misunderstanding that all agents are bloodsuckers.
  • Clients that she is particularly proud of.
  • Her recommendation for someone who is starting acting and going to a casting.

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