The Art of Storytelling through Costume Designing

WITH Amy Stofsky

Kino Society

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Did you know that there is a story behind the wardrobe of each character? Today’s guest is Amy Stofsky, the industry’s most sought-after costume designer, whose work has been featured  in movies like Mulholland Drive and Lone Survivor. She began her career in the fashion industry and then transitioned to costume work when she moved to Los Angeles, falling in love with the opportunity to have a place for creativity. Her ability to perfectly embody a character’s personal style without making clothing a central or distracting feature brought her work on hit shows like Weeds, Pretty Little Liars, and Medium. Amy’s experience in costume design, script interpretation, use of color, and distinctive assets make her ideal for any project, and she is currently working on The Chair, an Amanda Peet production.


  • Amy tells how she went from the fashion industry to costume design, and why she loves working in entertainment.
  • Her typical day as a costume designer.
  • Why it is important to know the background of each character to put together a costume that suits their story and personality.
  • How much of her own creativity influences the costumes she makes, and how much influence the director and actors themselves have.
  • Her experience in Lone Survivor and getting 38 different uniforms for the character of Mark Whalberg.
  • Her admiration for David Lynch and how enjoyable it is to work with him.
  • How is costume design for a television series different from design for movies?

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