Hello, My name is Owen Schmoisman.


I love movies, books, anime, manga, video games, and music. Out of all forms of art, however, I mainly specialize in movies. I’ve seen thousands of them big and small, and I’m always hungry for more.

What I look for in art are those unique experiences that can’t be provided anywhere else. Quality means very little if the work doesn’t stick out. I’m less interested in formulating an opinion and more so would just like to let myself get intrigued by the experience in whatever way possible.

My favorite things are always going to be the weirdest, most abnormal and daring works which care not about joining a canon. Let’s celebrate our experiences by pushing art to its limits and discussing it together!

Self-defined as a hardcore cinephile, anime elitist, and a future filmmaker, Owen has an unique eye for films and he shares his passion for filmmaking onthis site.