Weekly Round-up

Back yet again... as always. Every single Sunday. The cycle of death and rebirth must occur!

It's time for another round-up! I saw two major Oscar nominees, some amazing 35mm screenings, and continued my Shenmue journey!

More movies! More anime! More games! More books! All of them good! Well, almost all of them, at least. Thankfully there weren't any stinkers this week.

Yo, yo, yo! It's Sunday yet again! I got to see Gurren Lagann in theaters and it was utterly amazing! Got plenty more to share, as well!

Lots of long movies this week! Well, three long movies. Two if you don't count Olympia. Still quite a few, I'd say.

While I watched quite a few movies this week (including a screening of Until the End of the World with Wim Wenders being brought in for a Q&A), a majority of my time was spent on reading White Album 2 and its large amount of supplementary content. I think I’m growing into a hopeless romantic with how many sappy romances have been making me sob lately!

With 2024 upon us, it’s time to continue the endless consumption of art as a form of distraction rather than genuine entertainment or enrichment! In all seriousness, I went to a Hayao Miyazaki marathon at the Egyptian on Saturday, so that was an absolute blast.

Happy New Year! Or… almost New Year, I guess. We still have two days to go, after all. 2023 was a wonderful time for every medium from film to games to music. This week, Michael Mann's latest work came out and two major seasonal anime ended.

Another week, another round-up! This time, I'll be talking about a trendy Amazon Prime release and a video game with a fan translation five years in the making.

Owen Schmoisman reporting again for another weekly roundup! I’ve got some good stuff lined up here!

Just a quick overview of the artistic works I’ve experienced this week.