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Does the objective opinion exist in something as emotional as cinema? Today’s guest is Alexander Robinson, a film critic who has always loved movies and who reviews movies on YouTube, like the real Mr. Robinson, where he has over 4,000 followers. Having two parents who work in the film industry, from a young age he came into contact with the seventh art. His first loves were Star Wars, the films of Steven Spielberg, Alfred Hitchcock and other classic Hollywood films. He attended the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he majored in Critical Film Studies. It was at UCSC, while he was taking summer courses in 2012, that he officially began reviewing movies on YouTube. In 2013, he began pursuing film criticism and entertainment as more than a passion when he created the YouTube channel, “The Real Mr. Robinson.” 


  • Alexander tells us what attracted him to film criticism.
  • Why Back to the Future is a perfect movie.
  • His personal taste; interested in good movies, over all science fiction.
  • Alexander tells us how his vlogging has changed since he started.
  • Is there an objective film criticism?
  • Movies in which his opinion has completely changed over time.
  • Why doesn’t he like the Joker; how they treat mental illness.
  • His advice for an aspiring film critic.

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