From Acting in Blockbusters to Working Behind the Scenes

WITH Jamison Bret Newlander

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We found one of the Lost Boys! Today’s guest is Jamison Newlander, actor, writer, and director, best known for playing Alan Frog, one of the two vampire-hunting brothers, in The Lost Boys (1987), alongside Corey Feldman. He began his career as a teenager participating in commercials and theater plays. In 1987 he starred in The Lost Boys, a teenage black comedy horror film directed by Joel Schumacher. After that success, he worked on different projects, but stopped his film career to study at NYU where he obtained a BFA. In 2003 he made Rooster, his first film as a director, writer, and actor. Since then, he has played small roles in various films including Bone Tomahawk, alongside Kurt Russel. Now, he writes for a living and works on his project The virtual adventures of Riff-Cat Polito.


  • Jamison says how he got involved in acting as a teenager, and without any experience playing the character of Alan Frog.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of acting when you are still a child and the balance between being a professional and remaining a teenager.
  • He tells his feelings of having done the second and third Lost Boys movies, and the difference in the production compared to the first one.
  • Jamison explains why he went from acting to directing and writing.
  • The movies he’s loved since a child; Jaws, Casablanca and many more!
  • Upcoming projects; a possible Frog Brothers spin-off and The Virtual Adventures of Riff-Cat Polito.

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