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All the elements that appear in movies and series scenes are carefully thought out for an artistic reason. Today’s guest is Jourdan Henderson, a production designer who began her career in Austin, Texas working her way up on films such as Spy Kids 2 & 3, Man of the House, and There Will Be Blood. Jourdan has produced and art designed indie films, big budget films and commercials since 2000. Since a kid, she used to love the behind the scenes of movies and TV shows. She studied Film Production in Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and soon got a job in a production office, and trying to figure out what she wanted to do, she made her way to the art department. Her work paid off and was recognized as she was nominated for an Art Director’s Guild award for her work on Manchester by the Sea.


  • Jourdan tells what made her want to join the film industry.
  • She explains how she starts a project from scratch.
  • She says how her art design view fits in with her production designer side.
  • Jourdan explains the difference between low and high movie budgets and why she prefers movies with smaller budgets. 
  • Jourdan chooses what kind of movies she likes and inspires her.
  • How the industry and movie sets work in COVID times.

To learn more about Jourdan, visit her website.

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