Sixteen-year-old Releases Kino Society Podcast to Showcase the Magic of the Film Industry

High school student Owen Shapiro releases an all new podcast showcasing the behind-the-scenes secrets of movie making.

LOS ANGELES, CA JAN. 12TH, 2021  High school student Owen Shapiro of Los Angeles, California officially launched Kino Society podcast on December 2nd, 2020 on iTunes and Spotify.

When the pandemic started, many people took the lockdown as an opportunity to explore their creative side, others to bake bread, and in the case of Owen Shapiro, a Los Angeles native, started his very own podcast: Kino Society. From a very young age, the sixteen-year-old high school student showed fascination with discovering the behind the scene secrets of moving making. 

Hosted by Owen, the podcast showcases interviews of renowned film directors, make-up artists, sound engineers, composers, production designers, and many other talented individuals involved in making films and television series like True Blood, Manchester by the Sea, and The Reverent, to name a few. 

Recorded remotely during quarantine, each guest takes the time to describe what it takes to make films and TV shows come to life, share personal anecdotes from the set, as well as how the movie industry has had to adapt because of COVID-19.

So far, two episodes have been released: the first with award-winning make-up artist Robert Fitz and the second with independent film director Darren Coyle. The series will include 10 podcast episodes, released weekly through the end of March. You can listen on most streaming platforms and access here. To learn more about the podcast, visit

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