What it Takes to Build a Set

WITH True Blood’s Production Designer: Suzuki Ingerslev

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Today, we talk with the person in charge of making television and movie scenes look so real! Suzuki Ingerslev is an art director and production designer who creates TV and movie sets that are praised for being super realistic. She graduated with an architecture degree and practiced for 6 years until she realized that the job was not as glamorous as she imagined. She was presented with the opportunity to start as a draftsperson in the soap opera – Days of Our Lives, where she began using her architectural skills in the entertainment industry. Suzuki’s experience and attention to detail positioned her as one of the best in the business. Her best-known design credits include Six Feet Under, Here and Now, and True Blood. Her list of accomplishments includes 3 ADG nominations and 13 Emmy nominations. 


  • Suzuki talks about the importance of her architectural skills when she started in the film industry.
  • States differences between working on television and movies; budgets, times, etc.
  • She emphasizes that she does not prefer any genre. She cares about being in tune with her team and having great communication.
  • Suzuki explains how she thinks and creates the sets.
  • She says dealing with personalities and egos is the hardest part of her job.
  • Talks about True Blood’s set design and how she achieved such incredible scenarios.

To learn more about Suzuki, you can visit her website.

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