May 26, 2021

The movie awards season of 2021 is officially over. All about the winning movies and which are worth watching.

As the 2021 awards season has finally concluded, it’s time to take a look at what won. Did most of the victors deserve to take the prize home, or did the academy make more mistakes this year?¡?

Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Director: Nomadland

In all honesty, Nomadland really isn’t that great a film. I’m not going to delve into the more controversial content that some deem exploitative since I’m not qualified to do that. Frances McDormand did a great job, but I felt as if there were other actresses that deserved the award more than her. Chloe Zhao did a pretty average job for the most part, since the film’s directing and visuals were just overall really flat and lacked appeal. There wasn’t much creativity or intrigue put into this film’s look, and she definitely did not deserve the Oscar. As for the film itself… It’s alright. The final act is by far the highlight of the movie, but as a big fan of the slice-of-life genre this really just didn’t do it for me.

Best Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay: The Father

The Father is a pretty fantastic movie that I’d easily recommend. By far my favorite of the Best Picture nominees this year. Anthony Hopkins was phenomenal and no one deserved the award more than him. The screenplay was incredible, as well. There were a few gripes I had with the second act, but they’re not too significant. I don’t want to spoil anything from this film so please watch it if you haven’t already.

Best Supporting Actress: Minari

It’s a shame Minari didn’t get too much love. It’s an all-around wonderful experience. Youn Yuh-jung did a great job and I’m glad the film got to take home at least one award.

Best International Feature Film: Another Round

Thomas Vinterberg proved himself to be an amazing filmmaker as early as 2012 with his brilliant and inspired The Hunt. I had high expectations for Another Round, and it’s safe to say that it met every single one of them. It’s extremely fun, looks great, and honestly portrays alcoholism. Not only did this deserve to win Best International Feature Film, but it deserved a nomination for Best Picture.

Best Animated Feature, Best Original Score: Soul

One of the better Pixar films in recent memory, Soul is a visually pleasing and enjoyable work throughout. I didn’t absolutely adore it like others did, but it’s still good. Wolfwalkers should’ve won the award for best animated picture, but this wasn’t such a bad choice. The score absolutely slaps and I’m glad it took home the gold.

Best Original Screenplay: Promising Young Woman

Very disappointed in this choice. I was actually pretty hyped for this movie for a few months prior to its release, so it was pretty sad to see how subpar it was. The screenplay was average at best, and I have no clue what the academy saw in it. It’s not very well written and a majority of the humor falls flat. Skip this one, I say.

Best Cinematography, Best Production Design: Mank

While it does have exceedingly good cinematography and production design, that’s all it has. Mank feels pretty shallow, especially considering how great David Fincher’s last film was (that being Gone Girl). It’s a bit of a chore to watch at times, and Mank himself feels like a shallow character with his only notable trait being that he’s an addict. It’s an average film overall.


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